Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you guys for taking some really beautiful pictures on our big day. Everyone who sees them is really impressed, and I would recommend you to any couple for their wedding day! – Lisa-Marie

Wow guys I love the photos. Keep up the great work! 🙂 – Chris

Thanks for the yesterday’s photoshoot! My daughter enjoyed every minute of the photo session! – Eszter

Thanks Szilvia for a wonderful Sunday. You’re one of the most friendly and talented photographers I’ve ever met. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to get stunning images. Keep up the great work. – Aleksandra

Can’t recommend in-white photography enough.- Niamh

You are very professional. Thank You! -Agnes

I want more…more …more….!! -Katarzyna

I was very critical with professional photographs before. Also very certain that no one can take a good enough shot of me because I simply dont look good on photos. Then we went for a family portrait session to Silvia, and ever since I’ve been mesmerized by her way of seeing me and capturing my very best. On her photos I look like what I always wanted to look like, and my kids look like just the way I’d like to remember them when they grow up. Her images represent some light pureness, she has a great eye for detail, people look relaxed and natural, and the style is very sophisticated. We’ve had 3 photoshoots made them so far and they are all briliant. By far the best photographers I’ve ever met before, lovely people to work with, would highly recommend them. Simply fascinating images, I’m chuffed to see such talent and enthusiasm paired with a very professional attitude. -Maria

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